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In 2021 a group of guys that had played paintball together in the past decided to return back to the sport after a decade apart in some cases. The team was Don’t Suck Squad, inspired by a pregame chant that was chanted by some of the most influential members on a previous team. From the inception of Don’t Suck Squad, the team captain and founder Luke Cole looked for ways to pay for the group of friends to play. Fast forward to today, Don’t Suck Squad’s product line on their own website needed to take on a more global and broader market by offering products that could be universally used by any player at any level without direct affiliation to their recreational and tournament paintball team. Welcome to Suckless Paintball Products. 

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I have been in love with the sport of paintball since 1997, played at many levels of the sport and with some of the best players in the world. After returning back to the sport in 2021 after a 9 year break, I was disappointed that the sport had evolved the way it had, much more sterile, weaker, and less options both in the ability to play and in gear options for players. I want to bring back at least some of the classic paintball that made myself and tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of players fell in love with and created an addiction for us. Paintball was an escape for me growing up in a tiny farm town. Thanks to the sport of paintball, I stayed away from drugs and smoking growing up and remained focused enough to stay out of trouble like some other friends I grew up with did not avoid. I would like my children to now be able to grow up with the same oppurtunities to travel, play, and have fun.
Luke Cole
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